Kids Printable Fill In The Blank Lunchbox Notes


Y’all is it just me or is summer break flying on by? Maybe it’s because it didn’t get warm here in Wisconsin until the end of June. Either way the kiddos are a little sad that they are heading back to school in just a few short weeks, so this mamma is trying to make that transition easy, fun and an more enjoyable process by creating some cute goodies that will give them a little piece of home while at school.

When I was little, I use to be so envious of all my friends that had a little extra something special in their lunchbox. No, I am not talking about that Little Debbie (I used to love nutty bars), it was a handwritten note from their mom, dad, or caretaker. Now that my oldest is able to read confidently (going into 2nd grade), I figured why not give him a little extra love and support while he is away at school, tucking a fun lunchbox note into his cold lunch or backpack if he decides to have hot lunch that day.

With that said, I created these cute one-of-a-kind fill in the blank lunchbox notes that I will print when needed, cut and add my very own personalized message to my little.


If you want to join in on the fun too, I am offering these FILL IN THE BLANK LUNCHBOX NOTES as a free printable to my new subscribers. If you are a current subscriber and want these cute downloads, send me a quick email and I will personally send them to you. Now, lets get back outdoors and enjoy the rest of this summer sun before we start heading to the nearest Target to start our Back To School Shopping. ENJOY!

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Tiffany Konecko