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We’re having a Garden Party! I’m so excited to team up with two of my gal pals to celebrate and share our home grown goodies. Christina, Lana and I cordially invite you to bring your green thumb, favorite seed, flower power, and yummy recipes. Or just sit back and enjoy the shares of our slice of garden heaven with you. Let’s have some fun growing together!

This was my first year growing edible flowers in a garden bed.. I ended up growing Nasturtiums, Pansies, and Feverfews. I do have other edibles around our home, but I grew these smaller varieties to use for some cute edible DIY projects this summer.

Let’s just say, my pansies have been difficult, but I managed to keep them happy enough to make a stunning show for our garden cocktails. These little pretties made the perfect floral ice cube and when melted it would leave a floating bloom in our drinks. These are a must for any event such as weddings, bridal & baby showers, or to just dress up a simple glass of water. You can find me incorporating flowers into everything, no matter the season or the reason.

If I can make these beauties anyone can. The whole process is pretty simple, but I have a few secrets to help you achieve the best outcome.


How to make floral ice cubes:

There are a few ways you can make these floral cubes. You can make them more cloudy (use tap water), crystal clear (use bottled water boiled 2x) or a combination of both (Use filtered water boiled 1x). I went for the combination and they turned out beautiful . There is NO wrong way to make these little pretties, it’s whatever your heart desires. You can’t go wrong when adding flowers.

To start, pick your version: Cloudy, Crystal Clear or Combination

  • Cloudy Version: Start with tap water

  • Crystal Clear Version: Start with bottled water in your kettle or pot and boil the water twice, letting the water cool between boils. Make sure to let the water cool completely before using it pouring into ice cube tray.

  • Combination Version: Start with filtered water in your kettle or pot and boil only once. Make sure to let water cool completely before pouring into ice cube tray.


Once you decide on your version of floral ice cubes now the fun part…making these pretties!

  • Small blooms work best. If you have larger blooms, you can separate the petals from larger flowers to help them fit. You can grow your own edibles or purchase them here on Etsy from fellow flower gardeners.

  • Make sure to clean the edibles by running the flowers/petals under water for a bit. Just make sure to clean up any dirt that might have been left behind.

  • Place the blooms in your ice cube tray. The best trays to use are the silicone ones because they are more flexible. I used a plastic one, but had to be super careful when removing the cube once frozen.

  • Pour the cooled water (room temperature on top of your flowers in the ice cube tray. The flowers will float, so use a straw or toothpick to position them where you would like.

  • Place in freezer. Allow to set overnight. NOTE: Leaving them too long in the freezer will discolor the flowers, so I suggest using them with in the first 24 hours after freezing.

    Trust me these will be a huge hit at your next backyard party!


Thanks so much joining us for our Garden Party. Hope you had a blast. Make sure to go check our Christina from Thermaland Oaks and Lana Stenner to see how they are using their home grown goodies from their gardens.

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Tiffany Konecko