5 Easy Ways to Tidy-Up For Spring


Let’s keep it simple friends. Keeping it simple, will make this whole transition into a tidy refreshing spring home so much less stressful. To keep the stress level down, I tend to take this whole process one room at a time. I make a list of the rooms, the closets, the bathrooms, the drawers, basement, bins, etc. and plan out each day of what I want to accomplish. Y’all, if I don’t have a plan set in place, it’s all downhill from there. I am in full on panic mode, and then, guess what?  NOT one single thing will get done. Make a plan and then apply some or all 5 easy ways to start tidying up your home for Spring.

1) Open the windows and purify the air.

This year, I am purifying the air in my home by burning sage. Why sage? Well, because I have read nothing but great things about this herb. Here are the deets: Sage has been specifically proven to clear up 94 percent of airborne bacteria in the spaces it’s being burned, while at the same time disinfecting the the air we are constantly breathing in. Also when you burn sage, it releases negative ions, putting those in that space in a good mood! OK I am SOLD! Bring on the good vibes please.

2) Change bed sheets to lighter fabrics

I typically always have lighter fabric sheets on my bed because I like to use big thick blankets when I am cold, but I do know many use heaver fabric sheet s like flannel in the winter. Cotton sheets have been my go to, but this Spring into Summer I want to try something new (well new to me) and even lighter…Linen.

I have heard that linen sheets are relatively more fragile, so they will have to be line-dried or air dried.   More work for momma, but if that means more comfort at the end of a hot busy sunny day, I will jump right in.  Now I know what you are thinking…. WRINKLES!” Yes, they will wrinkle, but that’s what linen does!   My cotton one’s wrinkle too. I kind of just learned to embrace it.

3) Pull out the spring wardrobe and put away the winter gear

It’s cold, it’s warm-no it’s cold!  When gearing up for spring the weather tends to play “guess what the weather will be like today” (totally normal for us Wisconsinites) flipping back and forth making it sometimes impossible to know what we will need for the day, a parka or some sandals.  

Now that spring has finally sprung, warmer days ahead, it’s time to let go of that winter closet, pull out those light plain cotton basic tees, comfy shorts, those bright floral patterns and our favorite flip flops/slid-on’s.

4) Refresh your Power spot (your go to spot that inspires you to get your day going)

Anyone else feel like this spot is the first to get cluttered, messy and out of control? I swear I am always organzing, cleaning and trying to keep this area on refresh so I can think and do my work. This might be that step that needs to be used as/when needed.

5) Add some fresh flowers to your home or space. They will remind you to live in the moment.

If you are one to skip over steps, or are not one to follow them, this one right here is not one to overloook. Add flowers into your home or space! Just living is not enough. We need to have sunshine, warm breezes, freedom, fun and flowers too. These pretty little petals are not just for aesthetic appeal, they are also an absoulte for a happy heart and soul. When all else fails…Just add flowers!

I will link the linen sheets I purchased (Oasis Fine Linen Island Bamboo Collection from Amazon) along with other lighter fabric sheets if linen isn’t your thang in my LIKETOKNOW.it app.

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Tiffany Konecko