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Farmulosity Advent Christmas Tree

The holiday season seems to sneak up on me super quick every year. My husband is 100% Polish, so Christmas in our household is one of the most festive celebrations, in other words more work for this momma. Some of our family traditions include: decorating Christmas trees, sharing a Christmas wafer on Christmas Eve before dinner (sign of love and forgiveness), singing Christmas carols, and exchanging small meaningful gifts.

This year I decided to start a new family tradition by creating an Advent tree calendar filled with lots of fun activities for all to enjoy - also great for home decor! Instead of giving my kiddos more gifts and/or sweet treats (trust me they will get enough of both in the coming month and this momma needs some sleep) I decided to make it more meaningful by filling clear plastic ornaments with a variety of Christmas themed activity cards that hang on our small tree in the living room.

What a great way to get the kiddos excited and involved in fun activities we can all do as a family The best part is you can personalize it and make it unique to you and your family.

Materials Needed

  • Small Christmas Tree (Walmart has the best ones)

  • 25 Clear Plastic Ornaments (Michaels has a tube of them for $10 bucks)

  • Jute, String, Ribbon. Make it you!

  • Clothespins. You can add numbers or write numbers right on them, put some glitter on them and make them pretty!

  • 24-25 activity cards. You can make your own or you can find plenty free ones to download and print.

  • Double sided tape. I used 3M indoor mounting squares because it has just the right stick. (So something not too sticky, but still sticky LOL if you get what I mean.)

  • Pen to number your activities and add Christmas countdown. I wrote in the date and the countdown to Christmas so the kiddos could later help with the planning of the month’s activities.

  • Scissors

  • December calendar. Great tool to plan out what activities work for you during the week and ones to do on the weekend that need a little more time.

  • Plastic tweezer (optional if you decide not to attach the activity card to ornament)


1. Print and cut out 24-25 Christmas activity cards.

Cut them into small squares or rectangles making sure they are small enough to fit into the size ornament you are using. If you’re planning the activities with the kids, let them fill in the dates and countdown to Christmas numbers with a pen. Once you have your activities all planned for the month, put them in order from 1-25.

Farmulosity advent tree cards
Farmulosity Advent Tree Cards
Farmulosity Advent Tree Cards

2. Fold the cards and insert them into the clear ornaments.

Fold the cards one by one into long skinny rectangle pieces to fit nicely into the ornaments. Plus it will look super cute if you choose to use ones with images (see mine for example).

Farmulosity Advent Tree
Farmulosity Advent Tree
Farmulosity Advent Tree Ornament

After folding into a long skinny pretty rectangle, grab an ornament, take top off and add a small piece of double sided tape to the underside or put directly on to the card after folded (see picture for examples). Either way works, just depends on what works best for you.

After attaching card to top, slowly work the card and the top back on to the ornament…this requires a little bit of patience, this was the hardest part for me.

3. Complete the look with a piece of jute to create a loop.

This will give it a finished look and some material for your numbered clothespin to attach to on the tree. Repeat for activities 2-25 and scatter the bulbs throughout the tree.

Farmulosity Advent Tree Ornament
Farmulosity Advent Tree Ornaments
Farmulosity Advent Tree


Seriously the cutest little advent Christmas tree EVER!  I even impressed myself…that doesn’t happen too often.  Hope you enjoy these fun activities with the family.  Leave a comment sharing your experiences with your advent calendar Christmas tree. 

Farmulosity Advent Tree
Farmulosity Advent Tree

Note: I cut mine on the shorter side as the tree I am using is on the smaller size, Cut to your desired length.

Note 2: You could also just drop your activity card in the ornament and not attach to top. This will give the kiddos a little challenge to get the card out. Plastic tweezers works great to get the message out of the ornament.

Ideas for Each Day

Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn

Decorate a special Christmas tree

Have a Christmas Crafter-noon

Family games night

Surprise someone with a hot drink

Bake Christmas cookies

Go to a Special Tree lighting

Have a picnic dinner by the Christmas Tree

Go Sledding

Drink Hot Chocolate by the (Pretend or Real) Fireplace

Make Christmas Dancing Videos and send them to the Family

Make Christmas possible for other families (Donate Toys, food, clothing)

Make a Special Treat and leave it on someone’s front porch

Make Christmas Hats and Dance around the Christmas Tree

Make a special gift for a family member

Snuggle up with a stack of Christmas books under the Twinkling Christmas lights

Make some Christmassy Slime

Drink Hot Cider while visiting a Tree Farm

Go on a Christmas lights drive

Make or buy one special new Christmas ornament to put on the tree

Invite a friend and watch the Polar Express

Spend a special afternoon with mom/dad/grandma/aunt/etc

Put together a special treat for friends

It’s the Day before Christmas-Receive a special small gift

Merry Christmas-Eats lots of good food with family and open gifts

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