7 Ways to Give Any Front Porch Those Farmhouse Feels

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Even before we added “fix up barn” or “clean up pasture” to our weekend to-do’s, I was finding ways to add cozy rural feels to our Wisconsin home and lifestyle. No matter where you live, in an apartment, a townhouse, or even a single room or studio, you have a front door. The entryway to your home is so important because it is the first impression your guests receive when they come knocking. One of the first rules of making a farmhouse is to be welcoming and inviting, which is why I came up with 8 easy ways to make any front porch feel like a farmhouse.

1. Add something galvanized.

Like this vintage olive bucket. You can add some cute plants or toss in some pumpkins for the fall season or add a little evergreen to get into the Christmas spirit. My favorite rustic faux trees are at Walmart and they are super affordable. BUT RUN they go SUPER fast.

2. Make or find a rustic-style sign.

It could say anything from “Fall” or “Welcome”  to something like “This is our Happy Place.” Pretty much anything that speaks to who you are and how you family. These are always a fun addition giving all your visitors a friendly farm welcome. I find most of my signs at stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, or while I am thrifting.

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3. Add a touch of nature.  

Adding nature to an outdoor space is KEY! It could be anything like plants, flowers, trees, or even branches that are laying around in your yard. Depending on where you live, there will be new options each season to change it up and keep things fresh.

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4. Play dress up with your front door.

One of the ways I do this is by making my own wreath. Again, I love using the seasons to guide my creativity. Plus, it’s the ultimate bargain to get materials from your own yard! Oh and how cute is my little “Hello” sticker on my door?

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5. Layer

Layering is that special ingredient that adds depth and creates warmth. It’s all about getting the elements to work together. I layered my welcome mate on top of a thin rug to cozy up the negative space on my wide porch.

6. Keep it simple.

Too much stuff can be hard on the eyes and give a cluttered first impression. Farmhouse feels are all about creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. We wouldn’t want to scare off company now, would we?

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7. Add a touch of YOU.

Create something or add something that says this is MY farmhouse. I used these one of a kind candles. They are one of a kind because I made them! Now I know what you are thinking… “I am not good at making anything.” Well, neither am I, trust me. I have some great ideas, but I don’t always have the skill to execute them. For example, I am terrible with a saw and was actually banned by my hubby from ever use one – seriously! LOL. For these candles, I recruited my bestie to cut the wood and drill the holes to fit tea size candles in them. They turned out great and we use them both indoors and outdoors!

How are you dressing up your front porch?

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