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I am beyond excited to share that my blog has made Amara’s Interior Blog Awards Shortlist (TOP 5) for “Best Interior Lifestyle Blog.” SAY WHAT? Yes, you heard that right! Little ol’ me and my Farmulosity blog. I am completely shocked, humbled and excited to say the least.

I want to personally thank all my readers, followers and the official judges of the Amara awards who voted for Farmulosity to make the Top 5. It’s an absolute honor that I will forever hold in my heart while blogging for years to come.

When I set out on this blogging journey less than 1 year ago, I wanted to share share my experiences, my sometimes successful DIY projects, my family, home and affordable fashions. Little did I know that it would be RIGHT here, RIGHT now writing that my blog is in the running for an award. This whole experience, thus far, has been so rewarding, even more so when I hear from Y’ALL how much you appreciate my posts. It makes this momma’s heart so happy that you are here with me on this incredible journey.



I’ll be off to London for the Amara Blog Awards celebrations on November 14th. If my blog were to take home the award for “Best Interior Lifestyle Blog”, not going to lie, y’all might have to come pick me off the floor. Winning this award would not only be a huge boost for the blog, but it would also be for ALL OF YOU!

Thank you for all your loyalty, your continued love and support with your engagement. All of you are the reason and the driving force behind Farmulosity’s creativity. Now let’s go get that award and bring it back to the States! Who’s coming to London with me?

Make sure to go give a follow on Instagram @farmulosity. I will be sharing the whole Amara awards experience in Insta-Stories while it’s happening.

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Instant Curb Appeal on a Budget

[If you’re only here to find the black/white layered rug (don’t worry, I won’t judge, you can find it here.]

Now let’s take this outside. First impressions matter right? So why not make your front yard/font porch “Instagram worthy” by giving it a simple and affordable refresh that will have those that pass by stop, stare and give you all those hearts.

Paint Your Front Door

Big things happen when the change starts with the front door. You can paint it a new color or replace it all together. The budget friendly way is to paint it. As soon as you make this simple change, it will look like a whole new home. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved my front porch last fall season (last years porch) , but it was in desperate need of a refresh, so I painted it…and guess what?…it cost me less than $20 bucks.. It’s pretty amazing what a little paint can do! AMIRIGHT!!!

My pretty brown door was starting to fade from all the direct sunlight this area gets in the afternoon. So it was either play it safe (re-stain the same color) or have a little fun with it(paint it a new color). I’m all about having fun and taking bold chances, especially when it deals with my home and home decor ( I can’t say the same for my hubby). Don’t be afraid to try something new, the results will sometimes surprise you. Plus you really can’t go wrong with a new front door paint color. If you don’t like it, you can always repaint it. That’s the beauty of these painting projects.

It's All in the Prep Y’all

Proper prep to your paint surface is key to getting great results that will last for years to come or at least until you want to change the color again. The secret to a successful paint job isn’t all that secret, it’s all in your prep. When you take the time to do all the essential steps, the results and the painting process will be easy peezy.

My prep was extremely easy since I was working with a faded brown stain that was already coming off. All I had to do was remove the door handle, mask the windows, lightly sand, by hand, with a small piece of sand paper, and wipe the surface clean of dust with a wet rag. Depending on your paint surface situation, you will want to make sure to properly prep in order to get amazing results , just as I did.


Just Add Flowers, Layered Doormats and Decor

For all my projects, I love adding in one- of- a- kind unique pieces, DIY items, a fun doormat and of course flowers. The one-of-a-kind pieces and DIY items are what make the space “YOU”. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you would know I found that vintage chair (FREE) on the side of the road sitting next to the trash. I saved that beauty and gave her a new home. I knew exactly where she was going before I even found her. I had a vision of that same chair (not kidding) in my head long before finding this one. You can imagine my excitement, I was thrilled to say the least. I also shared a little on how I went about making that DIY fall wreath (on the door) from stems I already owned. Oh and because it’s fall, I had to add pumpkins into the mix. Be on the look out for my Christmas front porch in the coming months. In the meantime, keep scrolling to see the before/after.


A little before and after of the simple refresh. Click photo below to see before!

More Front Porch Inspiration Coming your way

I’m thrilled to have teamed up with some fellow bloggers to reveal our front porch refresh. All are different, all are beautiful and all are sure to spark some inspo for your own front yard projects this coming Fall/Winter Season.

Dana Marie Home shared how she uses simple fall items to create a welcoming entryway to her farmhouse. Make sure to check out her blog  here

Dana Marie Home shared how she uses simple fall items to create a welcoming entryway to her farmhouse. Make sure to check out her blog here

Christina is sharing her farmhouse fall front porch (those cuties are included). Make sure to check out her blog  here

Christina is sharing her farmhouse fall front porch (those cuties are included). Make sure to check out her blog here

Cory over at Hudson Farmhouse is sharing her pink fall front porch decor. To get more pink fall feels, check out her blog  here

Cory over at Hudson Farmhouse is sharing her pink fall front porch decor. To get more pink fall feels, check out her blog here

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How to Make Edible Flower Ice Cubes -Garden Party

We’re having a Garden Party! I’m so excited to team up with two of my gal pals to celebrate and share our home grown goodies. Christina, Lana and I cordially invite you to bring your green thumb, favorite seed, flower power, and yummy recipes. Or just sit back and enjoy the shares of our slice of garden heaven with you. Let’s have some fun growing together!

This was my first year growing edible flowers in a garden bed.. I ended up growing Nasturtiums, Pansies, and Feverfews. I do have other edibles around our home, but I grew these smaller varieties to use for some cute edible DIY projects this summer.

Let’s just say, my pansies have been difficult, but I managed to keep them happy enough to make a stunning show for our garden cocktails. These little pretties made the perfect floral ice cube and when melted it would leave a floating bloom in our drinks. These are a must for any event such as weddings, bridal & baby showers, or to just dress up a simple glass of water. You can find me incorporating flowers into everything, no matter the season or the reason.

If I can make these beauties anyone can. The whole process is pretty simple, but I have a few secrets to help you achieve the best outcome.


How to make floral ice cubes:

There are a few ways you can make these floral cubes. You can make them more cloudy (use tap water), crystal clear (use bottled water boiled 2x) or a combination of both (Use filtered water boiled 1x). I went for the combination and they turned out beautiful . There is NO wrong way to make these little pretties, it’s whatever your heart desires. You can’t go wrong when adding flowers.

To start, pick your version: Cloudy, Crystal Clear or Combination

  • Cloudy Version: Start with tap water

  • Crystal Clear Version: Start with bottled water in your kettle or pot and boil the water twice, letting the water cool between boils. Make sure to let the water cool completely before using it pouring into ice cube tray.

  • Combination Version: Start with filtered water in your kettle or pot and boil only once. Make sure to let water cool completely before pouring into ice cube tray.


Once you decide on your version of floral ice cubes now the fun part…making these pretties!

  • Small blooms work best. If you have larger blooms, you can separate the petals from larger flowers to help them fit. You can grow your own edibles or purchase them here on Etsy from fellow flower gardeners.

  • Make sure to clean the edibles by running the flowers/petals under water for a bit. Just make sure to clean up any dirt that might have been left behind.

  • Place the blooms in your ice cube tray. The best trays to use are the silicone ones because they are more flexible. I used a plastic one, but had to be super careful when removing the cube once frozen.

  • Pour the cooled water (room temperature on top of your flowers in the ice cube tray. The flowers will float, so use a straw or toothpick to position them where you would like.

  • Place in freezer. Allow to set overnight. NOTE: Leaving them too long in the freezer will discolor the flowers, so I suggest using them with in the first 24 hours after freezing.

    Trust me these will be a huge hit at your next backyard party!


Thanks so much joining us for our Garden Party. Hope you had a blast. Make sure to go check our Christina from Thermaland Oaks and Lana Stenner to see how they are using their home grown goodies from their gardens.

Some links in this post are affiliate links, and buying products directly from these links helps support the growth of my blog. Thank you so much for your support .

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Kids Printable Fill In The Blank Lunchbox Notes

Y’all is it just me or is summer break flying on by? Maybe it’s because it didn’t get warm here in Wisconsin until the end of June. Either way the kiddos are a little sad that they are heading back to school in just a few short weeks, so this mamma is trying to make that transition easy, fun and an more enjoyable process by creating some cute goodies that will give them a little piece of home while at school.

When I was little, I use to be so envious of all my friends that had a little extra something special in their lunchbox. No, I am not talking about that Little Debbie (I used to love nutty bars), it was a handwritten note from their mom, dad, or caretaker. Now that my oldest is able to read confidently (going into 2nd grade), I figured why not give him a little extra love and support while he is away at school, tucking a fun lunchbox note into his cold lunch or backpack if he decides to have hot lunch that day.

With that said, I created these cute one-of-a-kind fill in the blank lunchbox notes that I will print when needed, cut and add my very own personalized message to my little.


If you want to join in on the fun too, I am offering these FILL IN THE BLANK LUNCHBOX NOTES as a free printable to my new subscribers. If you are a current subscriber and want these cute downloads, send me a quick email and I will personally send them to you. Now, lets get back outdoors and enjoy the rest of this summer sun before we start heading to the nearest Target to start our Back To School Shopping. ENJOY!

The links in this post are affiliate links, and buying products directly from these links helps me so much. Thank you for your support of this growing blog!

The Little Box of Awesome lunchbox can be purchased HERE.

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TOP Picks For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Who doesn’t love good Holiday shopping. It’s the best time to get the best deals on all the top brands. I am a thrift shopper, so I wait all year for all the major holiday shopping discounts. With that said, I’m super excited to FINALLY be apart of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This sale is a REALLY big deal. I am told bloggers prep for this for weeks. OOOPS I guess I missed that memo. Either way I am super excited as this is my first year sharing my favs of the sale and being apart of the community. I do assure you this will be quick, simple and my absolute HONEST favorite picks!. You won’t find me sharing anything that I don’t want myself or already personally own.

First and foremost: I want to thank the 241 and counting for following me on the APP…and for those that actively purchase from my links. It hasn’t even been a full year and I am already blown away by all your support. I do want to point out that I make a small (I mean super small) percent of the sale if you should purchase. Your support in using my links and loving my products allows for me to help with some of the extras (like groceries) for my fam.

Ok now lets get to business:

When is the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The sale runs in two phases:

• Early access begins on July 12th… TODAY (if you are a card holder)
• The public sale begins online July 19th at 12:30 p.m. ET (I will be shopping the sale at this time)
• The sale lasts through August 4th

The key is getting early access and you do that by signing up for a Nordstrom Card. However, it isn’t always necessary. Just know that some your favorites might be sold out by the time a NON card member gains access. If you want to gain early access you can apply for a Nordy card HERE I am not a cardholder, so I will be waiting along side you for the sale to open to the public next week.


What will be on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
The real question is what WON”T be on sale? All of my favorite brands including, Free People, JCrew, Topshop, Micheal Kors, YOU NAME IT…will be on sale. The best part of this sale is it even includes NEW arrivals, not just older items. Now is the time to start stocking up on all those basics and fall trends.

Make sure to check out the Anniversary Sale Preview Catalog and start making that wish-list of must haves for whenever you start shopping the sale.

Now are y’all ready for my TOP 11 picks? Here ya go:


1. Wubby Fleece Pullover: Like being wrapped up in a fluffy cloud, this soft and cozy fleece hoodie is perfect for when temperatures start to drop. Can never have enough of these for the cooler months. 2. Joanna III Wool Felt Hat: Any outfit looks instantly put-together when you top it off with this wide-brim felt hat trimmed in tonal grosgrain. I own a few of these types of hats. They are a must for all your fall attire. 3. Super Star Necklace: The celestial pendant on this shining plated necklace features a trio of stars surrounded by a halo of light. This is a FOR SURE purchase for me. 4. Lash Enhancing Serum Duo: What it is: A pair of nutrient-rich, lash-enhancing formulas that deliver benefits beyond conditioning. I absolutely love this stuff. This is what makes my lashes stay full and long. 5. Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater: Slouchy and substantial, this long cardigan is destined to be your take-it-everywhere sweater. This is at the top of my wish list. I am in need of cardigans this fall and this is my number one want. 6. Lucie Faux Leather Tote: The slim contrasting straps on this roomy tote bring subtle interest to its understated design that's perfect for your everyday needs. I have been eyeing this one for awhile. I love the color and now that the price is right…I might finally pull the trigger. 7. CozyChic® Cardigan Barefoot Dreams®: An oversize cardigan designed for those who love to lounge becomes even more tempting thanks to a lightweight and cozy knit. Barefoot dream items are pricey so I tend to wait until a sale. This is on my wish list and will be purchasing if its not sold out by the time the sale opens to public 8. Gigietta Bootie: A split shaft adds a distinctive, modern touch to a pointy-toe booties set on a lofty stacked heel. I have a pair of something similar. These are a perfect staple piece for fall. They are super cute with skirts, leggings and skinny jeans. The neutral color makes it easy to pair them with anything. 9. High waisted crop leggings: These go-to leggings offer a slimming and ultra-versatile high waist are cut to a cute cropped length. These are on my wish list and are under $19.00. I think I might pick up a couple pairs since I am in need of a bunch of new workout gear. Perfect for lounge wear, workout wear or just leisure wear. 10. Ripped High Waist Dad Jeans: Add an infusion of '90s attitude to your street style with these loose straight-leg jeans complete with strategic rips at the knees. I own a pair of these just in a lighter color. These are super comfy and the price is amazing. 11. Long Leopard Jacquard Cardigan: Fierce jacquard-knit leopard spots dapple a scene-stealing open-front cardigan banded in solid trim. I am all about the leopard everything right now. On my wish list for this fall.



5 Easy Ways to Tidy-Up For Spring

Let’s keep it simple friends. Keeping it simple, will make this whole transition into a tidy refreshing spring home so much less stressful. To keep the stress level down, I tend to take this whole process one room at a time. I make a list of the rooms, the closets, the bathrooms, the drawers, basement, bins, etc. and plan out each day of what I want to accomplish. Y’all, if I don’t have a plan set in place, it’s all downhill from there. I am in full on panic mode, and then, guess what?  NOT one single thing will get done. Make a plan and then apply some or all 5 easy ways to start tidying up your home for Spring.

1) Open the windows and purify the air.

This year, I am purifying the air in my home by burning sage. Why sage? Well, because I have read nothing but great things about this herb. Here are the deets: Sage has been specifically proven to clear up 94 percent of airborne bacteria in the spaces it’s being burned, while at the same time disinfecting the the air we are constantly breathing in. Also when you burn sage, it releases negative ions, putting those in that space in a good mood! OK I am SOLD! Bring on the good vibes please.

2) Change bed sheets to lighter fabrics

I typically always have lighter fabric sheets on my bed because I like to use big thick blankets when I am cold, but I do know many use heaver fabric sheet s like flannel in the winter. Cotton sheets have been my go to, but this Spring into Summer I want to try something new (well new to me) and even lighter…Linen.

I have heard that linen sheets are relatively more fragile, so they will have to be line-dried or air dried.   More work for momma, but if that means more comfort at the end of a hot busy sunny day, I will jump right in.  Now I know what you are thinking…. WRINKLES!” Yes, they will wrinkle, but that’s what linen does!   My cotton one’s wrinkle too. I kind of just learned to embrace it.

3) Pull out the spring wardrobe and put away the winter gear

It’s cold, it’s warm-no it’s cold!  When gearing up for spring the weather tends to play “guess what the weather will be like today” (totally normal for us Wisconsinites) flipping back and forth making it sometimes impossible to know what we will need for the day, a parka or some sandals.  

Now that spring has finally sprung, warmer days ahead, it’s time to let go of that winter closet, pull out those light plain cotton basic tees, comfy shorts, those bright floral patterns and our favorite flip flops/slid-on’s.

4) Refresh your Power spot (your go to spot that inspires you to get your day going)

Anyone else feel like this spot is the first to get cluttered, messy and out of control? I swear I am always organzing, cleaning and trying to keep this area on refresh so I can think and do my work. This might be that step that needs to be used as/when needed.

5) Add some fresh flowers to your home or space. They will remind you to live in the moment.

If you are one to skip over steps, or are not one to follow them, this one right here is not one to overloook. Add flowers into your home or space! Just living is not enough. We need to have sunshine, warm breezes, freedom, fun and flowers too. These pretty little petals are not just for aesthetic appeal, they are also an absoulte for a happy heart and soul. When all else fails…Just add flowers!

I will link the linen sheets I purchased (Oasis Fine Linen Island Bamboo Collection from Amazon) along with other lighter fabric sheets if linen isn’t your thang in my app.


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Easy DIY St. Patty Day Kids Snack Craft
The great thing about the Twizzlers rainbow package is it has all the colors of the rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!

The great thing about the Twizzlers rainbow package is it has all the colors of the rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!

How stinken’ cute are these DIY rainbow licorice snacks I made for my son’s St. Patrick’s Day party at school?  SOOOO CUTE RIGHT?! The best part is they are super easy to make and will surly brighten your day as we wait for those warmer months to hit. These would also be a great party favor for a Unicorn/Rainbow Themed Birthday. I am all about easy, fun and love how they can be used for multiple occasions

What You Need:

  • Rainbow Twizzlers

  • Cutting Board

  • Rolos

  • Sandwich Fold Top Baggies

  • Jute or Ribbon of your choice

  • Scissors


    1. Lay and place one of each color licorice on a clean cutting board.

    2. With a sharp knife cut right down the center, to create 2 batches of mini rainbows.

    3. Separate the two batches and start by bending the bottom piece of licorice (the purple one). Then add the next color on top of that by bending and lightly smooching together.

    4. Repeat with all colors. Work from bottom up.

    5. Once your mini rainbow is together, grab the sandwich baggie placing the whole rainbow inside, still kind of shaping it into a rainbow. (If it’s not perfect don’t worry they still turn out beautiful). Your placement of the rainbow will be at bottom of baggie, leaving the opening to tie later on.

    6. After you place the mini rainbow inside the baggy, place 5 rolos under the mini rainbow. Not only do the rolos look like a little pot of gold, it helps keep the shape of your mini rainbow.

    7. Then pinch the opening baggie by twisting it slightly.

    8. Cut a piece of ribbon or jute and tie the opening of baggy giving it a finished look.

    9. Lastly, shape your mini licorice rainbow more, while in baggie, if you feel you need to.

There ya have it…SUPER EASY, SUPER CUTE, and SOOO YUMMY!

Make sure to tag me on your socials if you decide to make these super cute mini rainbows. I would love to see how yours turns out!

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Where I Find My Decor Inspo
Christmas Decor Inspiration from Farmulosity

I know I know, it’s obviously Pinterest or Instagram, but what if I said that the best place to get inspiration is from YOURSELF. Yes, you right there! It’s just too easy to rely on other people’s ideas whether for decorating tips or even how to organize your family activities (been there done that). We so easily forget that we have ideas too!

While part of the creative process includes gathering inspiration from sources outside yourself, I think it is always great to start with what you have in your head. Farmulosity is all about creating what you actually like, not recreating everything you see. What can you come up with by spending a few minutes in your head? I bet you’ll surprise yourself!

Time to get those creative juices flowing.

Step 1 Make a Pile

Gather all the goodies you want to use. Put them in a pile to get a feel for what you have to work with.  

Step 2 Select Three Pieces that Catch Your Eye

Start adding in a few pieces to the space at a time. It may not look like much, but it is a start. Trust me, it will come to life!  

Step 3 Step Back

Step back and take it all in. What does it need? What is it missing? Try adding in a few more items - these don’t necessarily have to be from your pile. Play around with placements, swap items out, rearrange. This is the step where you get to play. Play is restful and there is no wrong way to play!


Step 4 Walk Away

Ok now it’s starting to come together and look decent. Maybe we are onto something here? By this point in the decorating game, I have to take a break and walk away. My brain is usually on overload, or I am just tired #momlife. And that’s okay because creating something that you haven't seen just yet takes energy. Take breaks and come back when your mind is fresh.  

Step 5 Clean Up

After a much needed coffee break, I clean up all the clutter so I can see what I have going on without visual distractions. Decorating is a messy business, but someone's gotta do it. My house is always a HOT MESS when I’m decorating. Never mind, it’s always a mess :)


Step 6 Polish!

Add in some finishing touches, finalize placements and layers, and voila. You have a fully decorated space made by YOU and YOUR ideas. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t change it in a few days, or even in a few hours. If you are anything like me, you will forever be adding or taking away pieces as the idea in your head gets better and better! You will find me doing this until it is taken’s a great way to drive a husband crazy.


I get “decorating block” more than I like to admit. When you do get stuck, or feel like inspiration is needed, then go grab some inspo from some of your favorite pinners or bloggers. Or look back at some photos of your own spaces. This always works for me!

Anyone one up for a challenge? Can’t wait to see what you create! Make sure to have fun!

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7 Ways to Give Any Front Porch Those Farmhouse Feels
front door.JPG

Even before we added “fix up barn” or “clean up pasture” to our weekend to-do’s, I was finding ways to add cozy rural feels to our Wisconsin home and lifestyle. No matter where you live, in an apartment, a townhouse, or even a single room or studio, you have a front door. The entryway to your home is so important because it is the first impression your guests receive when they come knocking. One of the first rules of making a farmhouse is to be welcoming and inviting, which is why I came up with 8 easy ways to make any front porch feel like a farmhouse.

1. Add something galvanized.

Like this vintage olive bucket. You can add some cute plants or toss in some pumpkins for the fall season or add a little evergreen to get into the Christmas spirit. My favorite rustic faux trees are at Walmart and they are super affordable. BUT RUN they go SUPER fast.

2. Make or find a rustic-style sign.

It could say anything from “Fall” or “Welcome”  to something like “This is our Happy Place.” Pretty much anything that speaks to who you are and how you family. These are always a fun addition giving all your visitors a friendly farm welcome. I find most of my signs at stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, or while I am thrifting.

close up galvenized.JPG

3. Add a touch of nature.  

Adding nature to an outdoor space is KEY! It could be anything like plants, flowers, trees, or even branches that are laying around in your yard. Depending on where you live, there will be new options each season to change it up and keep things fresh.

close up wreath.JPG

4. Play dress up with your front door.

One of the ways I do this is by making my own wreath. Again, I love using the seasons to guide my creativity. Plus, it’s the ultimate bargain to get materials from your own yard! Oh and how cute is my little “Hello” sticker on my door?

front door horizontal.JPG

5. Layer

Layering is that special ingredient that adds depth and creates warmth. It’s all about getting the elements to work together. I layered my welcome mate on top of a thin rug to cozy up the negative space on my wide porch.

6. Keep it simple.

Too much stuff can be hard on the eyes and give a cluttered first impression. Farmhouse feels are all about creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. We wouldn’t want to scare off company now, would we?

close up candles.jpg

7. Add a touch of YOU.

Create something or add something that says this is MY farmhouse. I used these one of a kind candles. They are one of a kind because I made them! Now I know what you are thinking… “I am not good at making anything.” Well, neither am I, trust me. I have some great ideas, but I don’t always have the skill to execute them. For example, I am terrible with a saw and was actually banned by my hubby from ever use one – seriously! LOL. For these candles, I recruited my bestie to cut the wood and drill the holes to fit tea size candles in them. They turned out great and we use them both indoors and outdoors!

How are you dressing up your front porch?

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Happy Holidays Christmas Advent Calendar Tree
Farmulosity Advent Christmas Tree

The holiday season seems to sneak up on me super quick every year. My husband is 100% Polish, so Christmas in our household is one of the most festive celebrations, in other words more work for this momma. Some of our family traditions include: decorating Christmas trees, sharing a Christmas wafer on Christmas Eve before dinner (sign of love and forgiveness), singing Christmas carols, and exchanging small meaningful gifts.

This year I decided to start a new family tradition by creating an Advent tree calendar filled with lots of fun activities for all to enjoy - also great for home decor! Instead of giving my kiddos more gifts and/or sweet treats (trust me they will get enough of both in the coming month and this momma needs some sleep) I decided to make it more meaningful by filling clear plastic ornaments with a variety of Christmas themed activity cards that hang on our small tree in the living room.

What a great way to get the kiddos excited and involved in fun activities we can all do as a family The best part is you can personalize it and make it unique to you and your family.

Materials Needed

  • Small Christmas Tree (Walmart has the best ones)

  • 25 Clear Plastic Ornaments (Michaels has a tube of them for $10 bucks)

  • Jute, String, Ribbon. Make it you!

  • Clothespins. You can add numbers or write numbers right on them, put some glitter on them and make them pretty!

  • 24-25 activity cards. You can make your own or you can find plenty free ones to download and print.

  • Double sided tape. I used 3M indoor mounting squares because it has just the right stick. (So something not too sticky, but still sticky LOL if you get what I mean.)

  • Pen to number your activities and add Christmas countdown. I wrote in the date and the countdown to Christmas so the kiddos could later help with the planning of the month’s activities.

  • Scissors

  • December calendar. Great tool to plan out what activities work for you during the week and ones to do on the weekend that need a little more time.

  • Plastic tweezer (optional if you decide not to attach the activity card to ornament)


1. Print and cut out 24-25 Christmas activity cards.

Cut them into small squares or rectangles making sure they are small enough to fit into the size ornament you are using. If you’re planning the activities with the kids, let them fill in the dates and countdown to Christmas numbers with a pen. Once you have your activities all planned for the month, put them in order from 1-25.

Farmulosity advent tree cards
Farmulosity Advent Tree Cards
Farmulosity Advent Tree Cards

2. Fold the cards and insert them into the clear ornaments.

Fold the cards one by one into long skinny rectangle pieces to fit nicely into the ornaments. Plus it will look super cute if you choose to use ones with images (see mine for example).

Farmulosity Advent Tree
Farmulosity Advent Tree
Farmulosity Advent Tree Ornament

After folding into a long skinny pretty rectangle, grab an ornament, take top off and add a small piece of double sided tape to the underside or put directly on to the card after folded (see picture for examples). Either way works, just depends on what works best for you.

After attaching card to top, slowly work the card and the top back on to the ornament…this requires a little bit of patience, this was the hardest part for me.

3. Complete the look with a piece of jute to create a loop.

This will give it a finished look and some material for your numbered clothespin to attach to on the tree. Repeat for activities 2-25 and scatter the bulbs throughout the tree.

Farmulosity Advent Tree Ornament
Farmulosity Advent Tree Ornaments
Farmulosity Advent Tree


Seriously the cutest little advent Christmas tree EVER!  I even impressed myself…that doesn’t happen too often.  Hope you enjoy these fun activities with the family.  Leave a comment sharing your experiences with your advent calendar Christmas tree. 

Farmulosity Advent Tree
Farmulosity Advent Tree

Note: I cut mine on the shorter side as the tree I am using is on the smaller size, Cut to your desired length.

Note 2: You could also just drop your activity card in the ornament and not attach to top. This will give the kiddos a little challenge to get the card out. Plastic tweezers works great to get the message out of the ornament.

Ideas for Each Day

Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn

Decorate a special Christmas tree

Have a Christmas Crafter-noon

Family games night

Surprise someone with a hot drink

Bake Christmas cookies

Go to a Special Tree lighting

Have a picnic dinner by the Christmas Tree

Go Sledding

Drink Hot Chocolate by the (Pretend or Real) Fireplace

Make Christmas Dancing Videos and send them to the Family

Make Christmas possible for other families (Donate Toys, food, clothing)

Make a Special Treat and leave it on someone’s front porch

Make Christmas Hats and Dance around the Christmas Tree

Make a special gift for a family member

Snuggle up with a stack of Christmas books under the Twinkling Christmas lights

Make some Christmassy Slime

Drink Hot Cider while visiting a Tree Farm

Go on a Christmas lights drive

Make or buy one special new Christmas ornament to put on the tree

Invite a friend and watch the Polar Express

Spend a special afternoon with mom/dad/grandma/aunt/etc

Put together a special treat for friends

It’s the Day before Christmas-Receive a special small gift

Merry Christmas-Eats lots of good food with family and open gifts

Tiffany Konecko Comments